Billboard lighting – Case study
of lighting retrofit for Cityboard Media.

See why Cityboard Media has implemented LED outdoor floodlights.

Cityboard Media is a leader on the outdoor advertising market in Poland. Their outdoor network consists of several thousand media in 66 cities across the country. On its billboards, the company carries out advertising, information and image campaigns for large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as private individuals. Several thousand campaigns appear on Cityboard Media screens every year.

In 2022, most of the Cityboard Media’s media were equipped with Canaluminair W/B 14-03 outdoor LED floodlights. – This action is another step towards improving the quality of exposure and reducing the impact on the environment. In 2021, nearly 1/3 of our media network was equipped with new lamps; one year later, the rate reached 70%. We are currently continuing the process of installing outdoor floodlights in order to reduce energy consumption costs and improve the quality of displaying posters on our billboards – says Andrzej Grudziński, proxy of Cityboard Media’s management board.

Thanks to the change of billboard lighting, in 2021 Cityboard Media contributed to reduction of CO2 emission by 8 tons. – According to our calculations, the use of energy-saving lamps on 1/3 of our media network translated into a reduction in annual CO2 emissions by over 8 tonnes in 2021 – adds Andrzej Grudziński.


 18 tonnes
less CO2 emissions

1 GWh
of energy saved

reduction in electricity bills

Media formats with LED floodlights

supercityboard (12×4 m)

cityboard (6×3 m)