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Canaluminair LED luminaire
Canaluminair LED luminaire

Canaluminair LED luminaire Model: W/B 14-03

The LED-W/B 14-03 luminaire from Canaluminair guarantees a spectacular and even distribution of light, with minimal energy consumption. It can illuminate the facades of buildings, elements of architecture, large-format advertising, as well as many other surfaces.


Extremely low electricity consumption, 92% savings
Modern luminaire design confirmed by IP65 standard
Possibility of cooperation with photovoltaic panels


Canalumnair lamp

Lamp with slip fitter mounting

Lamp with light limiter

The Canaluminair luminaire is a new generation of devices for even illumination of vertical surfaces and vaults with very low electricity consumption. Choose Canaluminair and save!
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Trade Mark: CanaLuminair
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