Applications Canaluminair LED-W/B 14-03

LED light technology is an ideal solution for companies and institutions looking for excellent lighting that generates minimal costs.

Possible use of LED-W/B 14-03 luminaire:

  • Illumination of external architectural elements including facades of buildings, industrial facilities, public utility buildings, etc.
  • Interior lighting in public buildings, historic buildings (lighting of vaults and domes) or distinguished by very specific architectural design values of the building’s interior.
  • Lighting of directional road signs, especially where very good, even lighting is important, and the approach speed is quite high, especially on expressways and highways.
  • Lighting of information and road signage, where an extremely important element is both the uniformity of lighting and the color of the exposed products obtained in daylight.
  • Lighting of underground pedestrian crossings.
  • Lighting of all kinds of tunnels, including railway and road tunnels.

Ejemplos de aplicación