lampa led
lampa led

Canaluminair LED lamp Model: W/B 14-02

Canaluminair, a new generation luminaire to illuminate architectural and vault surfaces with uniform light coverage and very low power consumption.
LED light technology has reached a level of reliability which persuades investors to consider upgrades to existing lighting system or implementing a new illumination design. A variety of products are available on the market, but selecting a system that provides both low energy consumption and uniform surface coverage can be difficult.
Our team, in collaboration with illumination and optical engineers designed a sustainable luminaire system that is intended for high quality and uniform illumination of large surfaces at very low energy consumption rates. This novel luminaire is compatible with photovoltaic panels. Canaluminair was designed and developed over a period of 5 years that involved countless tests and analyses. It is our great pleasure to deliver Canaluminair to our customer; a modern luminaire solution.

Modern luminaire design, energy saving, ecological solution

  • Ideal lighting for vertical and vault surface
  • Designed to illuminate a surface from the bottom as well as from the top
  • Adaptation of patented optics
  • Provides uniform illumination of an entire surface up to 20 m2 with a 2:1 ratio
  • IP 65 approved
  • Extremely low energy consumption; 86% less energy then comparable luminaire
  • Compatible with photovoltaic power systems
  • Vividly illuminates surfaces close to the colours that are provided by natural light (CRI ≥ 80)
  • UL certified the photobiological test and Canaluminair is safe for blue - light hazard

Designated applications

  • Large building facades: schools, shopping malls, public spaces, sports arenas, manufacturing facilities, etc
  • Transportation signs, information signs on highways and speedways
  • Large format advertising signs
  • Potential illumination for tunnels
lampa led

Technical specification:

  • Constant current: 120/240 V
  • Rated current: 0.2 A
  • Power: 34 W
  • Color temperature: 4000 K
  • Color rendering index: CRI ≥ 80
  • Lighting ratio: 2:1
  • IP 65 certified
  • CE certified
  • Dimensions: A=978mm, B=622mm, C=163mm, D=268mm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Aluminum die cast envelope
Power consumption saving calculator

Our clients recommend

Szukałem sposobu na oszczędności w mojej firmie reklamowej. Lampy okazały się doskonałym rozwiązaniem, ponieważ sprawiły, że płacę dużo mniejsze rachunki za prąd. Moje reklamy są bardzo dobrze oświetlone, a ja oszczędzam. Polecam Canaluminair.
Robert | Przedsiębiorca z Warszawy
Lampy Canaluminair oświetlają fasadę jednego z moich budynków. Jestem bardzo zadowolony z efektów, ponieważ bardzo wyraźnie widać detale, światło jest intensywne i równomiernie rozłożone. Inwestycja w te lampy okazała się bardzo dobrym rozwiązaniem.
Janusz | Deweloper z Gdańska
Canaluminair stosuję od niedawna. Istotna dla mnie jest klasa szczelności lampy, bo z tym miałem wcześniej problem. IP 67 oraz niski pobór mocy sprawiają, że moje reklamy są teraz dobrze oświetlone i nie mam problemów z wilgocią, która niszczyła poprzednie lampy. Polecam.
Ryszard | Przedsiębiorca z Poznania

Examples of implementation

House facade lighting - 2 lamps
House facade lighting - 2 lamps
Church lighting - 1 lamp
Church lighting - 2 lamps
Advertising billboard lighting - 1 lamp
Advertising billboard lighting - 1 lamp
Lighting the mural under the viaduct - 2 lamps
Wall lighting - 1 lamp

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LED Lamp Model: W/B 14-02
Trade Mark: CanaLuminair
Manufacturer: Commodities Management Services Sp. z o.o.
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