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Advantages of Canaluminair LED-W/B 14-03

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, LED light technology has achieved a level of reliability that allows users to make decisions about investments in modernizing existing lighting systems or using new solutions.

Canadian company MPS Company Inc. with the participation of the best optics specialists from the North American market, created LED lighting fixture that generates a spectacularly even distribution of light of the illuminated surface with minimal energy consumption. The low carbon footprint puts this new product among the most environmentally friendly.

The LED luminaire is certified for the European Union (CE) and North America (UL) and is IP65.

The W/B 14-03 luminaire is a modern, proven design that offers more than 90% energy savings with comparable traditional forms of lighting. It meets all stringent standards and requirements for operation in a variety of climatic conditions.

The advantages of the LED–W/B14-03 luminaire include:

  • LED lighting fixture is designed to illuminate flat surfaces, domes and vaults both from below and from above
  • Guaranteed uniform surface illumination up to 20 m2 in a ratio of 2:1
  • Use of patented light-diffusing prisms
  • The light source of the LED luminaire does not generate local excess light (hot spots) on the illuminated surface
  • Extremely low electricity consumption - 30W
  • Cooperation with photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • LED lighting enclosure is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, high pressure casted.
  • Color reflection with CRI of not less than 80, consistent with the color perception in natural light
  • Led lighting fixture has a photobiological certificate - it is safe in terms of blue light hazard and has certificates: CE, UL and IP65 performance
  • The operating temperature of the LED luminaire is at the level of 37 degrees C
  • The complete luminaire with mounting bracket weighs just 4.8 kg (10.6 lb)
  • Lamp mounting methods available on request

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